Photographed by: Nyimas Laula

Photographed by: Nyimas Laula

Hi! I would like to invite you guys to participate in #FeelinOfFallin. This is your chance to interpret Fallin’, a track from my album HELA, which will be released as my second single soon.

Create your work such as:

  1. Photo (hi-res)
  2. Video (hi-res, maximum duration of 1 minute)
  3. Writing (narrative, poetry, short stories)
  4. 2D artwork (painting, illustration, collage, mood boards, etc.)
  5. 3D artwork (sculpture, ceramics, mixed media, etc.)
  6. Music (song, mix tape, etc.)
  7. Cuisine
  8. Choreography
  9. Fashion

Or other work that are suitable to each of your skill or profession.

Keywords for #FeelinOfFallin are:

  1. Affection
  2. Fragile
  3. Longing

Fallin' is available on Apple Music, Spotify, Joox and Deezer.

The submission deadline is on 23rd April 2017. Please do tag your work to my Instagram account: @gracesahertian and my Facebook Page: GraceSahertian with these hashtags: #FallinGraceSahertian and #FeelinOfFallin, along with a bit of explanation about your work.

Three of the best works will be chosen by me and will get rewarded with special merchandises. All of other works that have been submitted will be featured here.

Make sure you have been following Instagram Account: @gracesahertian, like Facebook Page: Grace Sahertian and subscribed to Youtube Channel: Grace Sahertian Music to participate in this #FeelinOfFallin.

Have a great #FeelinOfFallin!