Photographed by: KAUSA

Photographed by: KAUSA

Grace Carolline Sahertian (born 18 October 1985) is an Indonesian soul-jazz singer and songwriter.  She also has a Master Degree in Design and a lecturer in Fashion Design program. Largely self-taught, Grace started her song-writing process with some simple chords since she was in High School.  Grace’s musical style is rooted in gospel and soul music. She noted Ella Fitzgerald and Aretha Franklin as her earliest musical influence she grew up on, and later Becca Stevens, Laura Mvula and Meshell Ndegeocello. Those inspiring female musicians have all made their way into Grace right now with her warm and gracious voice, giving an enormous vibe of huge glimpse of what she felt through her music.

Throughout her musical career for more than 11 years, Grace has performed in various music festivals and collaborated with numerous great Indonesian musicians and bands such as Iwan Fals, Jamie Aditya, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection (Benny Likumahuwa, Barry Likumahuwa, Edi Syakhroni and Doni Joesran), Venche Manuhutu & David Manuhutu, Tulus, DJ Andezzz, The Milo, just to name a few.

Grace embarked on a solo career in 2016. Supported by Demajors Record, she released her debut album, HELA, on February 8, 2016. Produced by Tesla Manaf, ”Hela" was chosen as a title since the philosophy of ‘Hela’ itself originates from Grace's family name, Sahertian. The lyrics from track "Hela" is using Yamdena language, a region in Western Southeast Maluku, which is approximately 200-year-old language and nearly extinct. Grace held her first intimate solo concert, Konser HELA: Tracing Back the Roots on May, 2016, in Auditorium IFI Bandung.

Grace has currently released 3 music videos from her debut album. Diam, which is the only track in HELA that uses Indonesian language and sung by acapella format, Better to Love, a track delivered with pop-motown arrangements and Fallin', a sentimental track that shows her effortless silky-smooth tone-a cross between soft voice and comforting melody.

Referring to her effortless silky-smooth tone, there was a proud moment for Grace that happened when she was performing for Java Jazz Festival 2017. Kirk Whalum—the 2011 Grammy Award Winner for Best Gospel Song and a smooth jazz saxophonist and songwriter, approached Grace shortly after she finished and praised her performance as his highlight for the night. 

Grace’s encounter with Kirk Whalum results in a collaboration for Whalum’s upcoming project, a collaborations album with artists from various countries. In addition to Whalum’s project, Grace is currently preparing her new single and will also feature Kirk Whalum. The single is intended to reach global market which will be released on March 2018. Teaming up with pianist/ composer David Manuhutu, “You Are Beautiful” textures out of the simple lineup of acoustic grand piano, acoustic upright bass, acoustic guitar, alto saxophone, drum kit, and modern synth, wrapped in a jazzy chords, complimenting Grace’s enchanting vocal. Grace then inserted Indonesian’s touch by adding Sape into the arrangement, a traditional music instrument from Kalimantan. A mixture between traditional and modern music, yielded a delightful result, to support Grace’s sublime message.