Photographed by: Sandy Adriadi

Photographed by: Sandy Adriadi

Based in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia,  Grace Sahertian is a natural born singer, song writer and musician with a viscous soul and jazz music influences inside her blood. The way she sings seems to have an endless strain of bright illumination. Instead of set melodies and structures to be rigidly adhered to, in Grace’s hands, they sound like living, breathing and growing entities of animated music. She sang with her heart by bringing the audience to be serene and giving an enormous vibe of huge glimpse of what she felt through her music. She has 2 sides of her musical representation, a soulful, chill, deep and gracious kind of music, and a groovy, upbeat, and passionate one, but both of them has one resemblance; they’re sincere, honest and down to earth.

Besides all of those music things, she’s a very humble person when it comes to her personal life, a good example of family individualist, and a unique artist. Grace embraces everyone and it’s a fact that everyone wanted to sincerely embraces her back. A down to earth and caring kind of person. Someone asked “Grace, who are your best supporter in your life?”, 3 words just popped up in no time, “Family, friends, and the universe”, paused, and she added “And the music itself!”. 

Throughout her musical career for more than 10 years, Grace has performed in various distinguished music festivals and collaborated with many great musicians and bands. In 2011, Grace decided to be a soloist. 2013 to 2014 were a time for Grace to explore her musical identity and focusing her career as a soloist, yet she still making appearances on other artist’s singles, with Tulus, The Milo, Andezz and Starlite. Finally in 2016, Grace released her first album, "HELA", produced by Tesla Manaf. Supported by Demajors Records, digital album "HELA” was released on February 8, 2016, while physical album was released in March 22, 2016 

“Hela” is very personal for Grace, exposes her journey from the last four years in the making of this album, penned in moments of sadness, anger, irritation, despair and contemplation until she reached the point where she has to stand tall and keep going. “Hela” album is also a channel for Grace to trace back her roots. She chose “Hela” as a title since the philosophy of‘Hela’ itself originates from her family name, Sahertian, which means, “to row persistently against enemy”. That philosophy sparks Grace’s spirit to rise from her difficulties and carry out her debut album.

Better to Love is picked as her first single, released in 3rd May 2016. When asked why did she choose Better to Love, Grace then answered, “This song tells a fragment of my life journey. I dove deeper to get to know myself better and decided to step out outside my comfort zone. My perspective started to shift. I picked out my learning points in life. There are many things around me that needed to be thankful for. “It is the loving heart gives without holding back, that awakes my soul and gets me to reach for more. That lyric becomes my mantra for whatever is going to happen in my future”.  This marks the new beginning of Grace Sahertian. 



  • Grace & Tesla (2010)
  • The Milo feat. Grace Sahertian - Photograph at Track 8, Apart (2011)
  • Andezzz feat. Grace Sahertian - Electric Lov3 at Track 5, Dreams (2012)
  • Starlite feat. Grace Sahertian - Menanti dan Mengharap, Our Journey (2014)
  • Grace Sahertian - HELA (2016)